Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thai Brothers

Even if we're just here for a weekend we find time to go to a TINY locals place a block from the beach, Thai Brothers. The vegetables are always cooked perfectly and they know how to cook with a hot pepper.

This appetizer was called a Triangle. A stuffed flour tortilla with fish, shrimp, avocado, cilantro and green onion, deep fried to a golden brown. The slaw/relish that came with it - let's just say I really wanted to drink it...

The old standby, Geowsa, pan fried chicken dumplings topped with sweet and spicy soy sauce.

This was their Pineapple Rice . . . full of perfectly fried egg, onion, tomato, chicken, shrimp, cashews and pineapple. I loved this dish.

Fire Eater . . . sliced chicken breast, bell pepper, onion, carrot and mushrooms cooked in a spicy sauce that I wanted to pour over everything.

Today's docket is the beach and reading. Nothing more. Not even cupcakes.

P.S. My Irish tan is in full force, although the red has evened out enough to mask what happened to my nose. Let's just say I look a little less like W.C. Fields today. SPF 50 isn't enough for my white-ness, even with a hat.

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Stacy said...

I love your vacation photos. Fun!

Patti said...

I owe you one particular picture, Stace. Maybe tonight...