Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Skandia Bakery

Yesterday we sat on the beach for eight hours. Sometimes in long sleeves, always with 50 SPF AND a hat. I put away another novel and sometimes dozed. Bliss. Around 2 or so I walked a few blocks to the Skandia Bakery - it's a favorite place of mine in downtown Laguna. I ordered a sandwich on a yummy french roll and brought it back to the beach for us to share, with one lone sugar cookie for the Mayor.

They have real french macaroons at this bakery. And tarts. And pretty much anything else your little heart desires.

The majority of people vacationing in Laguna Beach right now are Europeans . . . can you blame them? Remember when we were the ones taking advantage of the strong dollar? Things change.

It's only Wednesday. Awesome.

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