Friday, August 21, 2009

Laguna Friday...

A hazy beach day again, but this time it didn't burn off by noon and it was chilly. I don't mind being bundled up at the beach one bit - I rather like it. We ultimately decided to pack our books and visit a few places we'd bookmarked over the last few months. Fine with me . . . somehow I have toasted hands. I've never actually had this happen before - they look like lobsters. I am the whitest person alive.

First we set the GPS (oh how I love thee) to The Blackmarket Bakery. No pastry was screaming out to my spouse. Instead I bought a one pound container of almond paste and some 'pailletes fins chocolat', or fine chocolate flakes. Still not certain how I will use these, but you can be sure I will.

Since that bakery trip wasn't extra successful we went back to, you know . . . yes, we did. Sprinkles! My companion picked out a chocolate marshmallow cupcake, a vanilla cupcake and a milk chocolate cupcake. For the record, my favorite all week was the vanilla cupcake. I can't seem to make myself shut up about cupcakes.

Back to Cafe Zoolu because someone I know has been dreaming about the cowboy steak he had there last year . . . in a peppercorn sauce.

We went to Powell's in Laguna Nigel - a new addition to the area. When I told Caity we were going to a new candy store at the beach she said, "We have a new candy store, too. It's called Powell's." I guess this means you can expect one in your neighborhood. It was fun and wins the contest for 'most Pez dispensers'. We didn't buy a thing. Go figure.

The walk to the beach today was awesome. See:

Passionfruit is all over the Manzanita property...

We finished off the day by seeing Julie and Julia, a great foodie movie that did right by Julia Child in every way.

Tomorrow is our last full day here. Haze or not we are planning a full day staring at the ocean and finishing our books. Next year may require two weeks. I can dream, can't I?

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