Friday, August 14, 2009

Beach bound...

We leave early tomorrow morning. More important than packing the right sweatshirt - BOOKS. Risky, I know, but here's my stack of reading for my trip:

Old Girlfriends by David Updike - Because I need to know if he writes like his father.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson - Because I loved Until I Find You, by John Irving. And no, I am not interested in tattoos.

Girls Like Us: Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Carly Simon - And the Journey of a Generation by Sheila Weller - Because I want to relive my college years. Just a little...

Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher - Because she's one of the funniest writers ever.

Strangers, A Novel, by Anita Brookner - Because I've read it's a "well-crafted" novel, perfect for the beach.

My Sister, My Love by Joyce Carol Oates - Because I'm a sucker for pop culture.

American Adulterer by Jed Mercurio - Because I'm even more of a sucker for all things JFK (I am appropriately embarrassed admitting this).

It Sucked and Then I Cried by Heather Armstrong - Because I'm a huge Dooce fan. Leta? Are you there?

So Long, See You Tomorrow by William Maxwell - Because I am a joiner. I join.

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers - Because I'm sick of hearing about this book knowing I haven't picked it up.

Julie and Julia by Julie Powell - Because the details of first read aren't coming back to me all that quickly. Perhaps that means something.

I'm happy to report I have a new camera. I shall be checking in.

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ellen said...

That's a great list (I've read a few of them). Let us know which ones you tackle!

Melissa said...

I am positively jealous of your beach trip AND your reading list. Have fun!