Thursday, June 4, 2009

random notes and "every dog has his day"...

Let me tell you . . . life has been upside down. Still is. Lately we've been using words like "torture" and "hell" while trying to remember, it's just a house. It is JUST a house.

Today I went to pick up my mail and had a card from my cousin with a 'sorry things are so messed up' note followed by a 'remember when we sat on the Cape at 6 am every day?' We did. While everyone else slept we brought our vacation reading, a healthy supply of homemade Cape Cod donuts (mmmm, jelly sticks) and our beach chairs. And we read, side by side, bundled up in blankets, silent. Sigh. Such a memory. Bliss.

And then, as if the sentiment behind that note didn't do the trick, I saw inside the envelope two Cape Cod car decals. May I tell you? That little gesture (the note and the decals) made my day. Thoughtful. There was a time when I thought a souvenir was silly. No longer. If that decal brings me back to that week on the beach, sigh, it's all good.

Note to self: send someone I love a memento of a fun time shared.

No segue.

My Cook's Illustrated Magazine subscription is about to expire and I must let it go. A guilty and semi-expensive pleasure, I don't need it. But allow me to share a few fun things I've learned from this awesome periodical:

Defrosting Sandwich Bread - If you defrost your frozen bread at room temperature starch molecules form crystalline regions that end up absorbing the water. I've actually noticed this when defrosting those low carb Western bagels I love so much. The solution? Place the slice of bread (uncovered) on a plate and microwave on high for 15 to 25 seconds. It breaks down the starch and water molecules and leaves you with soft and ready to eat slice of bread.

This next trick I LOVE because I am crazy about pickles. Turns out I can recycle all that leftover pickle juice by adding thinly sliced onions and letting them marinate for a few days. Those pickled onions are awesome on hamburgers or even in salads. Brilliant.

Get this. Want a no drip ice cream cone? Dip the bottom of the cone in melted chocolate (dark, milk or white). Just place the cone upside down on a baking rack until the chocolate sets. Smart, yes?

That is all.

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cori said...

oh sigh. i love this.

thank you for the tips on the onions and ice cream.

i love those remember notes too. wink wink. "don't look down."

Patti said...

YES. The zipline. Another fun FUN memory. Thank you!

cm2e said...

aw, that's sweet.

Melissa said...

I can't imagine eating an ice cream cone so slowly that it has time to drip out the bottom... but I'll remember that hint for Garett, Grace and Matthew.

Maggie has inherited the Lunn gene for rapid ice cream consumption. It's freakin' crazy. I like it.

rychelle said...

sorry things sucky right now, but i'm glad you're back and sharing great tips! pickled onion.....mmmmmm.