Monday, June 8, 2009

Poetry, Ethel M and random post its from the edge...

Just a few days ago a friend of mine left me something delicious. I once mentioned I loved Ethel M toffee and, sure enough, it was on my doorstep. Have you tried this? Oh my. Add it to your list. It is scrumptious. The pretty toffee box came with a card with this in it:

There once was this one girl from Boston
Who had a house deal go rotten.
Now she's living like foxes
'Cause her things are in boxes
Wishing all could soon be forgotten...

Wish I could share the author's name, but alas . . . a warning in the card that says something like "Don't you dare share that poem with anyone!" Not something like that, it said exactly that. I would tell you what rhymes with her name but the last time I did that ("rhymes with Lavid") I was sort of spoken to.

Sigh. I have good friends. Just as important when you're older. Without question.

Sort of a segue...

This is how you make a cake when your house is packed up to move:

Crack 3 eggs into the bowl that microwaves popcorn. Open one 8 oz. can of water chestnuts. Throw out the water chestnuts and wash, rinse and dry the can. Use it as your measuring cup. Measure 1 cup of sugar into the eggs and use your fork to beat until frothy, thick and pale yellow (not so easy). Use that water chestnut can to measure out your flour, add to egg and sugar mixture, stir in 2 sticks of melted butter you've melted in those disposable red cups. Pour into new 8" square pan you purchased (even though you have four of them PACKED) and bake at 325 until golden brown.

No segue and other random things:

Last week I used my Boston parallel parking skills (oxymoron) to situate my car on the street next to my office. I like to park there because cars are broken into in the parking lot. Really. I digress. I hit the curb. Whoosh. I actually heard 'whoosh". I called AAA to come change that really flat tire (even though it was only flat on the bottom), a membership that never fails to pay for itself. AAA guy makes some crack about me failing the driving test (whatever). 6" gash in the sidewall. Somehow this turns into needing four new tires. Again, whatever.

No segue . . .

Somehow this turned into my significant other taking me to Brooks Brothers and buying me that navy blazer with gold buttons I've been lusting after for three years. No joke.

Really no segue . . .

Many former seminary students returning from missions. Many former seminary students getting married. Lots of invitations and busy Saturdays. It's been so fun. Also, I am old.

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cm2e said...

next time i come to lv we'll have some toffee.

nice blazer. and what do you mean about that boston parking thing???

Melissa said...

I can't believe you managed to bake a cake. Funny recipe.

And, by the way, water chestnuts should always be thrown out anyway.

Jessie said...

That poem makes me sad but the author is very clever.

I thought for a second you put the water chestnuts in the cake. I trust you in all but that would be gross.

. . .and you are not old!