Friday, April 17, 2009

Random notes, neuroses and memory lane

Moving is curious. I've lived in this house longer than any other house in my life (15 years) but I have experience packing up a home. Do I ever. We made three huge moves in 3 1/2 years. Boston to Washington, D.C., D.C. to Chicago and Chicago to Las Vegas . . . big. I specifically remember driving away from our house in Chicago and thinking about the fact that my "life" was in that moving van. My entire life. Of course, my life wasn't really in that moving van. Six of our children were split up between two cars . . . we had that. And that is everything.

Still, you sift through things.

The exercise of sifting and packing up my house happens to make me feel extremely melancholy. Pensive. Everything I really care about occupies a few lone bankers' boxes. Pictures, notes written expressing love, and mementos that remind me of relationships. You can't help but recognize that someday someone will toss that box. Maybe it'll be disbursed, but eventually . . . it'll go. Packing up a life (and those that have intertwined mine) is an interesting exercise.

Sometimes I snap out of the melancholy thing. Like when I realize people will take anything from the curb outside my house. How about a used foot bath? Happened.

Melancholy prevails these days. We are patiently waiting for a mortgage holder to decide they will accept our offer on a house we have been trying to buy since the first week in February. So we will move our belongings to storage. I am not complaining. I'm simply melancholy.

And homeless.

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rychelle said...

moving is hard.

i did a lot of it, growing up in the army.

is there a saint you can plant for home buying?

Patti said...

HA. Your last line made me laugh.

The brochure says "European nuns buried a medal with his likeness on property they hoped to acquire." I'm laughing. Can you imagine digging up someone else's front lawn?

Melissa said...

You know what, I'll send all my anxious energy your way for the offer on the house. It's completely ineffectual... but it's my way of showing I care. I fret because I care. I hope you won't be homeless for long. (You know I'd give you a room if I didn't live in another state, right?)

M&M Kanet said...

I've been meaning to print off some yummy recipies from your blog and am finally getting to it today! Wow, you've had this blog since 2006?! Impressive. I have a lot of recipies to go through. I'm sad to see you move... even though we haven't had the chance to interact much, I just think you're wonderful. You and your husband can come live with us so you won't be homeless! Sharing a room with Ellie might be fun! :)