Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Candy, stress eating and memories...

A week ago my phone rang. "Mom, I'm in the Candy Baron in Laguna Beach. REMEMBER? Want anything?" It made me smile. And happy. Happy that he remembered, despite the fact that he was only 5 years old that night I walked downtown with two little kids, holding their hands headed out for a special night alone. Just the three of us.

Last week I read a top CNN story about the surge in candy sales, thank you recession of 2009. And I get it. Because I am a candy face. Candy makes everything better. I sometimes daydream about candy. Today, for instance, I wondered why I have to wait for Easter each year to get those Hershey pastel Easter eggs with the crunchy hard coat. They are awesome. Or why Hersheyettes are only sold in that plastic candy cane during the Christmas season . . . how come I can't buy them in a 1 lb. bag anymore? Or why they quit making turkish taffy. And licorice. I daydream about licorice, red licorice, black licorice . . . and fireballs and sixlets. It makes perfect sense to me why people would turn to candy during hard times.

And then there's the 'stress eating' phenomenon. It's an excuse, really, but it sounds so good. I am homeless, pass the hot tamales. Where should I forward my mail, pass the jelly beans. Why is my husband unable to toss that backpack he used in the 4th grade (he's 62 and it's falling apart), pass the coconut haystacks. Why is a "short sale" the ultimate oxymoron, pass me those See's tipperary bon bons. I need a storage unit, I need an apartment (with no lease). . . pass me some peach rings.


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cori said...

oh i love that memory you shared. i have memories of getting salt water taffy at fisherman's warf.

peach rings. have those in bulk round here. i will share if i have any left over after my stress eating. {you leaving causes me stress}

Melissa said...

That was a funny post!

There's this candy shop in Old Sacramento that charges a criminal amount of money per pound... and it's one of my favorite places to go. They have licorice pipes! I love those things. Except when they are stale because I think I'm the only person buying them.

p.s. I eat them anyway.

p.s. You'll find someplace to live soon. Really!

<3 Marie said...

i know a place that has no lease by you guys. well sort of. that budget suites by sams town. i used to work with a girl who lived there. they would pay weekly or something like that. it should probably be a last ditch effort, (i dont know if it's very nice)but if worse comes to worse. it's just an idea.

Lindsay said...

Remember the time we ate so much candy corn that I was sick? ha!

Patti said...

LINDSAY. I completely forgot about candy corn.

Thank you for that memory.