Monday, January 26, 2009

things nobody really cares about...

Have you seen Spectacle with Elvis Costello on the Sundance Channel? Awesome. Different guests each week like Norah Jones, James Taylor (LOVED this hour), Kris Kristofferson, The Police, Herbie Hancock and a bunch of other people I should know but don't (because I'm musically challenged). Set your DVR. It's good.

Have you ever tried a glass nail file? Do it. Splurge. You can file your nails and drag them along the finest fabric . . . no snag. Really.

Ina Garten made the February issue of Gentlemen's Quarterly and, I ask you, shouldn't this seal the deal re: Ina? Doesn't this mean she finally sits at the cool table?

I recently bought six orange dessert plates (bottom right hand corner) at Pottery Barn to match an orange table runner I'm crazy about. . . one of the plates broke before the price tag was even removed. I'm not saying who did it, but his name rhymes with Lavid. Turns out both Las Vegas Pottery Barns are sold out and now I have five lone dessert plates . . . that just doesn't work. If you see that orange plate at your local Pottery Barn would you pick that up for me? If I can't come up with that sixth plate someone I know isn't getting dessert at a little dinner party I'm having in February. I'm funny.

Hansen's diet ginger ale is yummy.

If you make a regular chocolate chip cookie but use those shiny Valrhona milk chocolate discs (feves). . . competely different story.

Jon Hamm dates Jennifer Westfeldt and although I think she's great looking, well, I'm disappointed. It's that 'she isn't good enough' thing. Bad actress. Really dislike her movies. And that reminds me . . . Jim from The Office. I can't support his choices right now. Emily Blunt? She wasn't good enough for Michael Buble (ever) and she isn't good enough for John Krasinski. Been dying to get that off my chest.

Thanks for listening.

P.S. Did you notice I recommend music programming and then explain I'm musically challenged?

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Melissa said...

See? I really like things that nobody cares about.

I'm with you on the Jon Hamm / Jennifer Westfeldt thing.

Patti said...

I knew I had an ally in you.

Mom and Dad said...

I saw an old friend of yours at the Boston Temple (Billerica ward) but I can't remember her name. I mentioned your name and she exclaimed - "That's way back. Tell her I said, 'hi'" Now what kind of friend leaves you hanging like that?! Have a great day!

Patti said...


What kind of friend? Someone about the same age.

It's the thought that counts.