Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2009 so far...

I recently discovered Scrabble for MACs. This isn't good. I'm embarrassed. This game makes me feel incredibly manic . . . out of control. So I ask you:

Is 3 a.m. too late to be awake playing a computer game?

Should this experience provide me with some insight into the boys in my family?

Isn't this game different because I'm "learning something?" (Am I lying to myself?)

Did you know "QI" is a word?

How about "JO?"

And WHY isn't "quo" (status quo)in that dictionary reference? And "que", that single braid? Shouldn't that be allowed?

Bottom line, somebody help me.


I am still learning technique re: the most fun Christmas present ever, Le Creuset. I haven't mastered a single thing, but I'm having a good time trying. How about that Chicken with Forty Cloves of Garlic? I did manage to make Ina's Turkey Roulade again and it was just as good as Thanksgiving Day (but not as easy without you, Russ). Also, the pumpkin cheesecake . . . believe me when I tell you it's really THAT close to the Cheesecake Factory's version. I completely understand, however, why my significant other is begging for a pumpkin moratorium. You win.

No segue:

In 2009 I bought 1200 white Christmas lights for $11.88. Also 5 rolls of Christmas wrapping paper for $4.50, which is probably enough for the next three Christmases. And all six of those Barefoot Contessa cookbooks (thank you, kids). YES. I own them now. Life is good...

um, my dog ran down the street in the wee hours of January 1 and never came home. Seamus, where are you? I take back everything I said. Ugh...

Yesterday I went out for my regular Tuesday lunch with my dad and a woman pointed to him (my father) sitting at our table and said to me, "Your husband looks like my vet's dad". Not good. I was sorry I'd already ordered my veggie burger from the "lighter fare" menu. If she said it before I ordered I would have gone for the really fattening pasta. What the heck?

Did you see that picture of the guy on the chair lift?

Once I went to the movies with three people I work with. This is something out of the ordinary for me because, well, I'm very anti-social. I paid for my ticket and realized the 16-year-old sold me a senior ticket (she said with disgust). That's when I started to cry. In front of the three of them. Tactically it was a bad move . . . they love to bring it up. "Hey, remember that day Patti started to cry at the movie theatre 'cause they thought she was old?" An important piece of this puzzle would be specifics about my place of employment. Think Survivor. Or shark tank. Either one will do.

Welcome 2009. The jury is still out. . .

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Gramps said...

Patti, I'm sure it's because I look so young and not that you look that old.

Shae said...

Za is a word to (a short form of Pizza). It drives me crazy when it accepts words like that but won't take words I know are good. Worse yet, I got Scrabble for my Mac AND my iPod touch so now I can play it everywhere. Not good, not good at all.

Congrats on the Le Cruset, I'm jealous.

I'm so sorry about Seamus, I hope you find him soon.

Finally, you are beautiful and young. Don't forget that or I'll have The Graminator come kick your butt. Plus, to me you will always be a style icon. I watched the Chefography on Ina and all I could think the entire time was...OMG that's Patti. So you.

Lisa said...

I am so sorry about your dog. I hope he comes home soon.

I do have a couple questions. Why do none of your recipes have tags? I've been scrolling through your whole blog trying to find the chocolate sauce recipe (because it's almost exactly the way my great grandma made it). I did find it, but is their some trick to finding recipes on your blog?

Also do you have an ice cream recipe on your blog... somewhere...

Love your blog :)

Lisa said...

One more question. How do you like your Whirley Pop Popcorn Maker. I bought an air popcorn maker, and ended up returning it because I didn't like the taste of the popcorn without the oil (bad, I know)

Patti said...

Hi Lisa.

If you go to the upper left hand corner you can do a search for key words in a recipe.

No ice cream recipes yet . . . I have to say I prefer the ones made with heavy cream. Lots of it. :)

And YES, I love my Whirley Pop. I've had three of them. I like the fact that you can make a huge batch of popcorn and only use 1 tsp. of oil. That's the real reason I'm so stuck on it . . . but you can add as much oil as you like. Highly recommend.

Have fun.

Lisa said...

Thank you!! So glad I asked about the recipes. I might have spent too long searching. LOL

tami said...

Bookworm is equally addicting and it really does help me to understand the guys at my house.
QUA is a word, as is VA.
nice blog!