Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Miscellaneous (nothing to do with sledding)

Funny notes from the MTC (please note the White Christmas reference):

"There are 'a million handsome guys' and I can't flirt with any of them."

"Dad said he would write me a letter. What's the deal? Tell him he must - just on DearElder - COME ON! Boys (I mean Elders) aren't allowed to call you beautiful, plus they're scared to, so I need dad to."

No segue (I said "miscellaneous"):

These are so good.

Go see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Do it. Somehow they managed to avoid sappy . . . the result was a lovely movie.

And please read this. You won't be sorry, especially when you get to "2009 Goals".

Shouldn't I feel hungry by now?

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