Monday, December 8, 2008

Binoculars for Christmas?

This essay reminded me . . . how great would it be if we had daily access to binoculars? Ones that helped us mesh others' images of a person with our own? There's a Seminary video that takes it a step further. How would it BE if we could see everyone the way He does?

I love Segullah. And Christmas. I love Christmas, too.

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Melissa said...

Based on my experience, the no. 1 principle the MTC staff hopes you'll come away with is empathy. I base this claim on the memory that we never stopped talking about it there. I think empathy is seeing someone else the way Christ does.

I don't know a person for whom this attribute comes naturally. I think that's because it's a God-like quality... and we're human.

But I do have hope that, because our goal is to shake off natural things in favor of Godly things, we can learn, pray and practice, practice, practice... and maybe every once in a while get it right?

I don't get it right very often. But I'd really like to learn more, pray more and practice, practice, practice more.

Empathy and Christmas go very well together. That was a good pairing in your post.