Monday, November 17, 2008

Unsolicited and Miscellaneous Holiday Musings ...

This weekend I found out #5 once told #7 (it's a Grey's Anatomy thing) she was getting an American Girls doll for Christmas. In exchange 7 told 5 she was getting a Beatles calendar, at which point 7 was told that wasn't exactly a fair trade. American Girls doll for Beatles calendar? Not so much.

This made me think of a couple of things (and none of them involved Gospel parallels, which sort of surprised my spouse). First, I was reminded my sister and I waited until we were in our 30's to tell my mom and dad how she REALLY broke her collar bone. Long story short, we were doing something we weren't supposed to be doing. RIDING DOUBLE on a bicycle. Gasp.

The second thing . . . I realized if 7 knew what 5 was getting for Christmas this year . . . she'd spill it.

Consequently, everything Christmas is a secret this year.

No segue here . . .

I can't help myself, I'm a huge Vince Vaughn fan.

James Franco fan, too.

Finally, GAP's ad men have outdone themselves this year. Best campaign ever.

Have you seen the Louis Vuitton ad with Sean Connery? New definition of cool.

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Caitlin said...

I have no idea what you are talking about.

Rychelle said...

i'm totally diggin' the new gap ad!

yay, for the holiday season.

Bride said...

hahhahahahhahahhaah Caitlin is funny.

I'm number 7