Friday, October 3, 2008

Salt Lake weekend...

We left for Salt Lake City early this morning and headed into Provo first. Thank you, CJane, for each and every Provo Bakery recommendation. Especially because that chocolate donut with the dot of fresh raspberry jam and cream cheese was the best donut I have ever eaten in my life. NOT an exaggeration for emphasis. Provo Bakery is now a permanent "favorite" in my GPS.

Our next stop was a few blocks down the road. We made our way into BYU's Wilkinson Center to the famous fudge counter. There were cinnamon bears involved and the new rage, chocolate covered cinnamon bears. Not so much on the latter. Leaving the Wilkinson Center with our wares (including some BYU memorabilia) we heard someone yelling my name. The dreaded "Sister L___". Lots of hugs and they left with those chocolate covered cinnamon bears. Really, I love Provo.

Nie Nie referred us to this hotel, so that's where we're staying. It's everything she said. Pictures to follow. We've had a great day.

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Bride said...

how's the staff?

Patti said...

Funny you should ask . . . the hotel was funky and cool. We loved it. Service was BAD.