Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mandoline and some creamy herbed potatoes...

I made this recipe from Pioneer Woman Cooks! over the weekend. Bridget loved them. Let me talk about the journey making those creamy herbed potatoes.

I have an amazing top-of-the-line mandoline that is so scary I'm inclined to use it as a Halloween decoration on my front door. I am afraid of it. Always have been. It was a Mothers' Day gift from my children a really long time ago and I love it, but it intimidates me. This weekend, after seeing this recipe I decided I would master this gadget and I would master it by myself. No engineer husband help.

I took potatoes and experimented with the thickness of each slice. I moved blades and screws and mandoline legs over and over again. Maybe I said a bad word. But that mandoline worked. Suddenly I wanted to slice everything in the house. Onions and cucumbers and maybe even experiment with crinkle cut french fries. It is my new best friend. What else can I slice up? The possibilities are endless.

I searched FLICKR for "mandoline" thinking perhaps I'd discover more uses. Here's what I discovered. Hundreds of reminders about the danger of a mandoline. As in pictures of injuries. Bloody injuries. I am back to being afraid of it.

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Melissa said...

That story's funny and scary at the same time. By the end, it was mostly scary.