Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A perfect Tuesday...

After a perfect deserted beach day we meandered downtown to Salerno for a delicious 'clams in red sauce' kind of dinner that reminded us of home. Why we still refer to Boston as home (after all this time) made for great dinner conversation.

We made our way north on Pacific Coast Highway toward Newport Beach and took a slight detour into the famous Sprinkles to peruse the cupcakes. Another business that does not allow pictures (move over Whole Foods). YES, we ATE the cupcakes, despite the fact that we were full of heavy red-sauced southern Italian food. Were they ever good.

Off to Balboa Island to the Lido Theatre. This cinema is an historic landmark and easily could be the coolest theatre I've ever been in, actually on par with the Harvard Square Theatre. No air conditioning, just lots of very high ceiling fans circulating cool beach air. We saw Bottle Shock - a perfect movie for that setting.

I am off to start my day at the gym because, apparently, you cannot eat your weight in pistachio nuts and feel good about wearing a bathing suit. Or have gelato every night. Go figure.

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