Friday, September 5, 2008

Morning glories...

The front of the beach house greenery Friday morning. It took me days to confirm these really are morning glories. Garden of Eden green everywhere.

Although deep down I feel like I was made to live in the desert, I have to admit California is a stunning state. The drive to the gym is down Pacific Coast Highway and it is breathtaking. All week I've studied all the local places along the road. This morning I woke up and said, "Would you like me to go to that little shop and get you some donuts?" In less than ten seconds the answer came. So my GPS and I made our way down toward Dana Point . . . and I started to think about what the drive is like at home to the local donut shop. Enough said.

I finished novel number six this morning, much to the dismay of my spouse. He claims to have only read ten pages and, although this is an exaggeration for emphasis, it's not like a book about a programming language can even be compared to what I'm reading. The harsh reality of this . . . I'm married to man who reads textbooks for fun.

I need to confess one of the books I read is a tween novel recommended to me by every Young Woman in my Ward (most claiming it's their favorite book in a recent 'getting to know you poll' I administered). The pop culture fanatic in me insisted I read it because it's almost a 'need to know' situation. I am satisfied now. Another book was a very quick read, maybe half a day. The author's name I cannot speak and I admit I read it only because I am crazy about Richard Gere and Diane Lane together. I'm appropriately embarrassed and please don't judge. Additionally, I do not recommend the book. The other four books have kept me in a state of bliss this week. Sleepy bliss.

Our time is short here so we're off to the beach - one programming language textbook and one last novel. There is no stress when you're staring at the ocean.

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raffleckt said...

Could you be any cuter?! And by the way, I think you're in heaven. LUCKEY!!! Can I guess your books title?