Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday bliss

Today's spot. . . I am 100% satisfied with each view I had of the Pacific this week. More than I can even tell you. Today they came by with popsicles in addition to the fresh pineapple and oranges and cantalope. Bliss I tell you.

Just a few observations after another day in the sun:

Photo blunder: Not having my camera ready when my companion had his feet in the Pacific and an attendant handed him a glass of ice water. (This place is amazing.)

Dumbest Maui moment: When I asked the concierge why there were no seagulls he said, "um, because it's too far for them to fly." I had to think about it. Dumb.

Most indulgent moment: A manicure with a price tag 3.5 times higher than the one at home.

Today's happiest moment: Realizing all my daughters married for love.

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Caitlin said...

I never would have known that about the seagulls - I probably wouldn't have noticed that there weren't any around though...