Thursday, May 8, 2008

Maui observations...

There are practical observations to be made, so I will just bring up a few.

1. Moles are funny. And different. And in odd places. It appears an overwhelming percentage of the population has them. I saw a man with moles that looked like the shape of the State of Florida on his shoulder.
2. Less than 1% of the population looks good in a bathing suit. It makes me wonder, WHAT ARE WE WORRIED ABOUT? Maybe I'm the only one worried.
3. There's a lot of politeness here. Barely a cell phone ring to be heard, nobody raising their voice. It's all very civilized. Why shouldn't it be, you know?
4. I hesitate to even approach the topic here, people, but, um . . . ladies' appendages are just so varied. I am wrestling with a Michael Scott reference here, and not the "ma'lady's chest" one.
5. People's lack of self-consciousness always surprises me. Okay, it shocks me. Even a perfect ten shouldn't strut around like that in a bathing suit that tiny.
6. Sometimes men are not discreet when they stare. Like at all.

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