Saturday, May 10, 2008

Maui breakfast...

We leave paradise very early tomorrow morning, so I made my way down to the club suite for my last breakfast on the balcony. This was my view.

An older man with a thick Texas accent came over and introduced himself to me this morning. There's vicarious pleasure to be had here at the Four Seasons. I was feeling it this morning watching this man discover what his little continental breakfast will look like every morning. Fun. In any case, he said, "Not everyone can be here celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on the same day President Bush's daughter gets married." I congratulated him and told him we were here celebrating our 25th anniversary and this is what he said:

"Ever heard about the guy who took his wife to Maui for their 25th wedding anniversary? On their 50th he went back to get her."

I might be leaving just in time.

Headed out to walk the oceanfront walkway down to the Grand Wailea Hotel. Pictures to follow.

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Gramps said...

Is it so nice the wife would want to stay forever ?