Monday, May 5, 2008


Yesterday the afternoon was a little overcast so we took that opportunity to get in the car and explore. We took a drive over to Lahaina to investigate the island a little. This was our view from the boardwalk. Hawaii is paradise.

We are off on a snorkeling excursion this morning, taking a blue water "raft" over to the mouth of the volcano. The "raft" is really a little speedboat that goes up to 40 mph . . . it'll only take 15 minutes to arrive at the volcano. I'll report later. Say no to sharks ...

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Gramps said...

That little guy who was dangerously close is afraid to come near you.

The place is beautiful !

Caitlin said...

I wish I was walking down that boardwalk right now (cue Bette Midler song... now).