Friday, May 9, 2008

Club floor suite

We decided to skip the three course dinner tonight and cancelled our reservation in Lahaina. Tomorrow we have a great reservation for our last night in Maui. Tonight we needed a break from it all. We went to the club suite and chose some Hawaiian appetizers to eat on the balcony in our room. It overlooks the ocean as well as a putting green and a croquet course. You never even see a speck of paper on the grounds here. They are beautifully manicured.

The vegetable sushi was yummy (pretty sure that was real wasabi) and there are some chicken drumsticks with an Asian flair. Dumplings, too. At 8:30 each evening they put out the ice cream that's become a way of life for us. And pastry. We visit every night. Each night is still a surprise . . . there's so much variety. I would love to meet their pastry chef.

Our room is on the 8th floor of the hotel, the top floor. It's the "club" floor . . . the one you need a card to put into the reader so the elevator stops on 8. The suite I keep talking about is unique to the club floor. The people in there are amazing . . . they will make your dinner reservation, find you a tennis partner or make your excursion reservations. They know everything about the island and will tell you when there are dolphins out in the morning or what species of bird is on the balcony. They know us by name and they never laugh when I take pictures of the food . . . they are good at what they do. Very good.

There are several oceanfront balconies to have your breakfast or afternoon "tea" in the club suite.

There's a little library stocked with plenty of books and updated magazines. A computer and printer for your boarding passes, etc. They've thought of everything. Right down to those bowls of chocolate macadamia nuts on the way out. I love Maui.

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